Sarah Hon | Welcome to Embodied Tramsformation

Hi there! Svāgataṃ. Wonderful that you’re here.

My name is Sarah.

I’m a Somatic Stress Release practitioner, a therapeutic coach, and an embodiment facilitator through yoga, meditation and movement.

Above all, I’m here for you as listener, an advocate, and a mentor. So you can wake up to - and live - your fullest, most thriving life.


How could we work together?

If you’re ready to work through the blocks that are holding you back in your life,
heal your core wound of unworthiness, or step more fully your flow and radiance - let’s work together 1:1 online.

I’m a qualified and experienced Certified Somatic Stress Release Practitioner, an insightful and transformational coach and mentor, and am also certified in Integrative Somatic Trauma Therapy.

Together we’ll navigate your stressors, your trauma, and your desires - we’ll figure out what’s holding you back, shine awareness on your unconscious behavioural patterns, and integrate any unresolved experiences.

$150/one hour session or $600/set of five sessions.

“Working with Sarah has completely changed my life. She radiates love, peace and playfulness while having this profound wisdom that is almost hard to put into words. We have been working together 1:1 to peel back layers that I have built up over my lifetime. Her ability to hold space and guide you on your inner journey is truly incredible. Sarah speaks from the heart and a place of deep knowing. We have done some extremely deep emotional work together and it hasn’t always been easy, but I have always felt held and supported by her. I am now able to clearly recognize an emotion, hold space for it and honor the way it feels without judgement or letting it consume me. Her insight and guidance have allowed me to grow and connect in ways I never thought was possible. I truly owe so much to Sarah and am so incredibly thankful our lives crossed paths. I can't recommend her enough!”

~ Cassie

If you have, or are developing, a conscious, sustainable or yoga-related business, I may also be able to support you with strategic advice and career mentoring. I have 20 years experience in business strategy, communications and business mentoring.


"Sarah and I have worked together throughout this year, in what began as "Career" mentoring, but evolved into much more.

In what has been a challenging year for most, I have managed to find a lot more ground and ease than I have previously experienced. In each session Sarah met me where I needed to be met, and held space for me in the most invitational and loving way.

We have worked in peeling back layers of stories and conditioning that I would never have dreamed of before doing this work.

I cannot recommend Sarah more highly, she is a beautiful person through and through.”

~ Laura

If you’d like to become a Yoga Teacher, and are drawn to Classical Tantra and/or Embodied Flow™,
check out our next RISE Yoga Yoga Teacher Training dates at

“Sarah, I want to thank you for the incredible container you created at the training, and your ability to ignite so much curiosity, authenticity and connection amongst our large group of women. It was the most enriching experience, and I felt overwhelmed with joy and a feeling of synchronicity - that I was exactly where I was meant to be - many times throughout the Immersion.”

~ Bonnie

If you want to dive deeper into your personal yoga practice, and explore the ancient, non-dual, lifeaffirming, goddess worshiping tradition of Classical Tantra, join us at RISE Yoga for a Yoga Study Immersion, or join me for my monthly Saturday afternoon mini-retreats, or (if you live nearby), my weekly community yoga classes in Beach Haven, on Auckland’s North Shore.

"Sarah you are a beautiful facilitator. I appreciate your realness, authenticity, inner strength and also your soft edges. I have loved the ReConnect monthly mini-retreats at Yoga Sanctuary and I always feel safe with you in the yoga room.”

~ Trudi

"Sarah is a beautiful yogini teaching and sharing her passion for yoga throughout the Beach Haven community. In an area that has some low socio economic families, Sarah is there making yoga accessible to some that it otherwise wouldn't be.

Sarah has a mesmerising manner that quickly enchants all that are present. She is calm, graceful, clear and purposeful as she guides a class, and has a profound way of teaching the broader aspects of Yoga. With just the right level of instruction, Sarah's classes challenge an experienced yogini and are appropriate for a beginner.

She guides a class through asana, pranayama, visualisation and meditation - often so smoothly that you don't even notice where you are going. She seems to always say just what I need to hear. It might be something to do with judgement or it might be a reminder to drop my tailbone."

~ Donna

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